Cutting Edge Biotechnology


Our accomplishments to date include…


• Achieving rejuvenation across cellular aging hallmarks in human fibroblasts and endothelial cells without the loss cellular identity.

• Demonstrating global epigenetic and transcriptomic transition in the same cells types towards youth after treatment.

Photo by vshivkova/iStock / Getty Images

• Attaining more youthful histological, senescent and inflammatory conditions in tissue engineering aged human skins.

• For osteoarthritis patients, reducing pre-senescent and inflammatory characteristics of mesenchymal stem cells and disease parameters in differentiated chondrocytes.

Photo by Johanna Poetsch/iStock / Getty Images

• Showing that treatment of aged human muscle stem cells improved regenerative speed and capacity in immunocompromised mice and force output in dystrophic mice.

• Successfully delivering mRNA in vivo to hypothalamus, muscle, and eye establishing grounds for in situ treatment.